Welcome to the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

The Friends are an extraordinary group of over 2,000 members, who have been raising money for nearly 50 years to improve the reserve, to conserve the landscape and to protect wildlife.

The Friends are involved in a huge range of activities.

They help fund staff to provide fun activities for adults and children.

They help with outdoor work, including litter-picking and creating and looking after habitat such as the wader pools and reed beds.

The Friends pay for vehicles and machinery to maintain the reserve.

They help with educational activities, staffing the information desk at the Discovery Centre, helping in the café, producing and posting out the newsletter, managing membership and organising great walks, talks and events.

Friends’ donations helped buy Castle Water and transform it from a gravel-dredging site to the amazing reed bed it is today. The Friends also funded five hides on the reserve, all of which are wheelchair accessible. Occasionally, the Friends take on special projects such as funding the initial contribution of £1.5M towards the Discovery Centre Project, the 833 Lottery, funding the original Writer in Residence project and producing beautiful gifts and books to raise funds.

The Friends is an amazing group and we make a huge difference… why not join us?
(registered charity no. 269535)

You can help us to protect the reserve and its wildlife by becoming a Friend.