Our Privacy Policy

The officers and committee of the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve undertake to protect the security of members’ personal information at all times, in accordance with current Data Protection legislation.

This personal information consists of the following:

Your name and postal address, and date of joining the Friends.
If provided by you, your home and/or mobile phone numbers and email address, and your date of birth if under 16.
The dates and amounts of your recent payments.
If provided by you for a standing order, your bank account details and signature.
If your subscription is covered by a Gift Aid declaration, the taxpayer’s name and signature.

This information is filed in paper form and held on databases by the Membership Secretary, Patrick Bonham. For added security, at frequent intervals a copy of the current database is sent to the Reserve Manager, Dr Barry Yates. There are no other copies of the database or the paper records. Members may ask the Membership Secretary at any time to provide details of their own record, or to change or update them. Except for a member’s standing order form being sent to their own bank, and the name, amount and date of payment being listed for HMRC Gift Aid claims, no personal information is passed to any other organisation. At his discretion, the Membership Secretary may inform other committee members and reserve staff of a member’s subscription details, but unless a member specifically approves at the time of request, no details of their membership record are provided to any other person.

All paper records are shredded by the Membership Secretary when judged to be out of date, normally one to three years after they are current.